Here you will find the LED solutions we have for BMW.
We are constantly developing new solutions so if you do not find your model on this page, please contact us to learn more about possible light solutions for your bike. 


Change your old "candle light" halogen headlight to the newest Full Blast Inc LED standard. This headlight gives you a crazy - almost stadium - blast of light, covering the entire street in front of you. It's a really good investment in your safety and you will be able to see even the darkest small streets clearly. Plus everyone else in the traffic will also see you!

This LED headlight is specifically designed for BMW R1200GS models. The headlight has low beam and high beam, as well as position light in a white ring around the edge, which indeed makes it very visible during the day. 

  • Fits on 2005-2013 models
  • Black Edition
  • BMW plug&play connector for easy installation.
  • Will work without messing up your canbus system  
  • Cree Technology LED components with 50.000 hours life span
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • Lumens: Low beam 3500 / High beam 5800
  • EMI shielded (electromagnetic interference)
  • ECE, RoHS approved and E-marked
  • 5 year warranty
  • We urge you to make sure that this headlight fits on your specific bike model before you buy it. Just in order to spare you the hassle of returning it.
  • The price in Danish Crowns 2.990,- is equivalent to:
    USD 454,- / EURO 399,-

2.990,00 DKK

  • BMW with round headlight
  • R nineT
  • R 1200C
  • K 75
  • R 60
  • In addition to the headlight, you need the BMW installation kit - FBI740
  • BMW accessories: